About us


With the commitment to create a new hospitality and restaurant model based on conservation, sustainability, and human ethics, we work to elevate the quality of the touristic offering in the Galapagos Islands as well as the economic development of its inhabitants.


To be recognized as the best ecological boutique hotel in the Galapagos Islands, offering top quality hotel and restaurant services, seeking the full satisfaction and long-term loyalty of our guests, Ecuadorians as well as foreign visitors.

Philosophy and Values:

Sustainability and conservation: the promotion of the environmentally responsible touristic activity of the reception zones means to work under the ecological principles that reduce the negative impacts of human activity to assure the survival of the unique environment of the Galapagos Islands, as well as our own business as such.

Ethics and humanism: continued growth and innovation cannot put aside human principles and mutual respect without considering culture, race, religion, and gender: this is rudimentary. The bases of our constant evolution are the free exchange of information and knowledge, as well as the work hour under the instruction of trainers, incentivizing the professional growth of our collaborators.

High standards of quality: the long-term sustainability of a business from our point of view correlates with our challenge to maintain the greatest attention to detail in services and products, and to progressively improve each day. Our luxury is centered on this point: we don’t seek ostentation.