MUYU is a restaurant of farm, countryside, and sea brought to the table. We are fortunate to be an island of organic produce with healthy and delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The products we use are local and seasonal. Our fishing follows the norms of conservation of the National Park – this means that we don’t use protected species or illegally-caught fish. There is little production of meat and fowl on the Galapagos Islands, and for this reason you will find that most of our animal protein for the moment is based on fish and shellfish.

Our name means “seed” in the Kichwa language, and the menu pays tribute to our local producers and the citizens of the Galapagos.

We avoid ordering products from the continent to reduce carbon emissions and to support the local farmers and fishermen. Our purveyors are important to us, and we visit them regularly, as clients and friends.

There is no indigenous population in the Galapagos, and all of us are immigrants in these beautiful islands. We are guests of the sealions, the iguanas, the tortoises, the birds, and the other “unique” citizens. After all, this is their home! For this reason, actively practicing conservation is a priority for us. We have reduced our food waste to a minimum, we preserve products using various techniques, and we always seek environmental solutions in our kitchen.

MUYU is a pioneer project of contemporary cuisine of the Galapagos. A project that will continue to “evolve” with the aim of bringing the true Galapagos experience to your plate. We work closely with the Galapagos Foundation towards a cuisine that is more sustainable, more human, and healthier. Golden Bay Hotel and our restaurant MUYU are changing the lives of numerous inhabitants of San Cristobal. At the same time, we enrich our lives with marvelous products, knowledge, and experience. We are very happy to share the true flavors of the Galapagos with you.